2016 at Path Forward

In September 2015, PFK kicked off a program to recognize our fantastic staff for the important work they do on a daily basis. Based on written submissions from Program Coordinators or other Supervisors, staff are selected anonymously by a three person committee. Criteria for selection include helping Consumers reach their goals, timely submission of notes, compliance with policies and procedures as well as going above and beyond to creatively broaden Consumers’ horizons. Some notable milestones this year include personal hygiene and self-care, increased socialization, and goals that had not been achievable prior to current partnerships between staff and participant. We know our field staff are a crucial piece to the success of Path Forward and constantly strive to bring in the best talent. With caring people like the 2016 Staff of the Month winners listed below on our staff, PFK will easily continue to be a provider of choice in our community. Thank you for all that you do!!


January – Jessica Jodon

February – Leslie Lynn

March – Teresa Kersey

April – Nicole Hulberg

May – Dejuana Trumbo

June – Regina Lee

July – Phyllis Murphy

August – Christina Hovanitz

September – Tarisha Calvin

October – Nichole Ott

November – Hailie Hawk

December – TBA

A big congratulations and thank you to our 2016 staff of the month winners! One more member of the Path Forward team was honored last year: In December, Denise Knight was named employee of the year. As program director, Denise brings compassion and professionalism to everything she does, constantly working to make our staff and supports better and better.  Congratulations Denise, we are so grateful to have you as part of our team. 

December was a fun month for the Path Forward team. We had our annual holiday party, and said goodbye to 2016 with a friendly bowling competition. We have a great team here at Path Forward, and we love when we get the chance to get together and celebrate.

We had a great year at Path Forward, and we hope you did as well. Here's to an even better 2017!