Brennen--A Passion for Art

              PFK works hard to support our consumers so that they can flourish in their communities, and we love seeing folks do just that! Check out Brennen, who is using his passion and talent to inspire others:

                20-year-old Brennen Cabrera is a talented Louisville artist with autism. Brennen is passionate about sharing his artwork with his community, and teaching his techniques through different workshops in Louisville. This Saturday, Brennen will be leading a workshop through the Council on Developmental Disabilities titled “Expressive Textures.” The workshop is part of an arts advocacy collaboration project involving agencies, artists, and people with disabilities throughout the community. Brennen will teach a variety of techniques to participants to give options for their pieces. This gives the opportunity for all participants to express themselves.

            Brennen led another workshop back in January through Zoom Group called “Dreamscapes.” Through this workshop, Brennen taught finger painting techniques on a canvas. Using these techniques, participants were able to create any kind of dream they wanted to share. Brennen enjoyed sharing some of his dreams and listening to others’ dreams through their pieces.

            “My artwork expresses my interests and experiences with its challenges and the emotions of everyday life,” Brennen says. “Because I have autism, I tend to see things from a different perspective. I notice certain details that others may not see. My artwork is full of vibrant colors, which represent my colorful personality.”


            We love seeing Brennen sharing his talent with other artists in the Louisville community. His unique personality is expressed in all of his artwork and gives us a glimpse of who Brennen is. Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Brennen!

                Take a look at The Council on Developmental Disabilities' Facebook page for more information on Brennen's upcoming workshop: