Changes at the Louisville offices of Path Forward

Our offices are changing, according to Vice President Jim Bratcher. Jim tells us that the Medicaid team of folks have been moved upstairs in the second floor offices in an effort to bring the employees closer and encourage comraderie among the entire staff at Path Forward. We felt as though this would help our staff work closer together and possibly increase placements on the employment side and add workers to the Medicaid side of our business. This move will also allow each side of our business to see one another at work, see what it is that each division does and the folks they work with.

Our agency has grown at an extreme rate over the past few years, in August of 2009 we had one paid employee, we now employ over 25 full time and approx 30 respite and community living support workers. We can attribute this growth the the fine staff that we have been able to accumulate over a realatively short period of time. Our growth has been extremely exciting, we have been able to offer services to many people that may have had no place to turn to.