Ticket to Work Program

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Our Mission for the Ticket to Work Program

To provide beneficiaries (anyone receiving SSI or SSDI) the opportunity to obtain self-sufficiency, by providing them with the support, services and encouragement to make employment successful.

Ticket to Work
The ticket is a symbolic document that signifies a beneficiary’s eligibility. A beneficiary must be 18 to 64 years old and currently receiving disability benefits. Participation in the program is completely voluntary.

Why should a beneficiary participate in TTW?

There are two main reasons to participate in the program.

Firstwhile the ticket is assigned, the beneficiary receives protection from Continuing Disability Review (CDR’s). When the ticket is assigned, that beneficiary does not have to go through these reviews, meaning that there is no threat that the beneficiary will suddenly lose his or her benefits while working towards self-sufficiency

Second… the beneficiary will have the opportunity to earn more money than by just collecting disability payments alone. Beneficiaries can earn income from working while still receiving disability payments, thereby obtaining two sources of income. As the beneficiary progresses through the program, he or she will begin to earn enough to no longer require disability payments. At this point, the beneficiary is earning more than what he or she would have by collecting the disability payments alone.


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