Community Living Support

Community Living
Supports for Community Living Waiver Services include:
Community Access
Community access is a service designed to support a participant to participate in meaningful routines, events, and activities through various community organizations. Community Access is designed to empower a participant in developing natural supports within groups and organizations and the staff fading out after the participant is well established within a group with support. The service stresses training that empowers a participant in acquiring, practicing, utilizing, and improving skills related to connecting with others, independent functioning, self-advocacy, socialization, community participation, personal responsibility, financial responsibility, and other skills related to optimal well-being as defined in the participant’s person-centered service plan.
Personal Assistance 

Personal assistance is a one on one service provided by a contractor that enables a participant to accomplish tasks with hands-on assistance, reminding, observing, guiding, or training a participant in activities of daily living. Personal Assistance services can aid a participant in managing their medical care including making medical appointments and accompanying the participant to medical appointments or transportation, which is not otherwise available under the Medicaid Program, to access community services, activities, and appointments. The service provided can take place in the home or community depending on the participant needs.

Case Management

Path Forward provides case management services to children and adults diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Case Managers are the point of contact for the individual, family and other providers and they oversee the health and wellness for those on the SCL waiver and Michelle P waiver. Our case managers use a person-centered planning process to coordinate supports and services as well as to connect individuals and their families to community resources. Our case managers serve as an advocate and ensures on-going satisfaction of services.


A time of rest or relief for the primary caregiver caring for an individual. This service is only available to an individual living in a family home residence, and is not for those living in paid residential care. 

Community Living

Residential Supports

Residential support options include a family home provider. Residential Supports provide 24 hour supervision, and training in activities such as laundry, routine household care, self-care, shopping, money management, socialization, and leisure activities. No more than three individuals receiving waiver services can live in any residential setting.

Behavior Supports 

Path Forward provides positive behavior supports to children and adults on the SCL and Michelle P waiver. Our trained behavior specialists use positive techniques and approaches to assist in decreasing challenging behaviors and to increase communication and self-sufficiency. Behavior specialists create an individualized functional assessment and behavior support plan.  Behavior specialists take a collaborative approach with person-centered teams to train and offer support to caregivers and other service providers. Behavior specialists work with individuals to acquire and maintain skills such as greater participation in community activities, increased social skills and enhanced coping skills. 

Supported Employment

Supporting Workers to Provide Solutions for their Employers and assist them in getting and supporting them in their jobs.  Intensive, ongoing community support for recipients to obtain, sustain, and maintain paid employment in an environment in which an individual without a disability is employed.

We are currently providing services in the Louisville and Bluegrass area, in and around Frankfort / Lexington. If you are interested in learning more about these services or contracting with Path Forward of Kentucky to help provide these services, please call our office at 502-451-2565