Michelle P. Waiver Services

Michelle P  Waiver Services that we offer include:

Community Living Support

The purpose of this program is to provide training or assistance to an individual who has the desire to reach specific goals. This can include a variety of activities such as shopping, household care, taking part in community activities, or other daily living skills that the individual needs to become independent. Staff members from Path Forward are hired and trained on the needs of the individual in hopes of assisting these folks to achieve their own personal goals while in the community. This exciting role allows the individual served and the staff person to be a bigger part of their community. By participating in community wide events and functions you gain advancements toward becoming an active citizen in the community. The hours will vary with this position to include some nights and weekend.

Case Management

Path Forward provides case management services to children and adults diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Case Managers are the point of contact for the individual, family and other providers and they oversee the health and wellness for those on the SCL waiver and Michelle P waiver. Our case managers use a person-centered planning process to coordinate supports and services as well as to connect individuals and their families to community resources. Our case managers serve as an advocate and ensures on-going satisfaction of services.


A time of rest or relief for those persons normally caring for an individual. This service is only available to an individual living in a family home residence, and is not for those living in a group home or staffed residence.


Behavior Supports and Psychological Services

Path Forward provides positive behavior supports to children and adults on the SCL and Michelle P waiver. Our trained behavior specialists use positive techniques and approaches to assist in decreasing challenging behaviors and to increase communication and self-sufficiency. Behavior specialists create an individualized functional assessment and behavior support plan.  Behavior specialists take a collaborative approach with person-centered teams to train and offer support to caregivers and other service providers. Behavior specialists work with individuals to acquire and maintain skills such as greater participation in community activities, increased social skills and enhanced coping skills. 

Supported Employment

Supporting Workers to Provide Solutions for their Employers. 

Personal Care

Personal Care is a service consisting of assisting a participant with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, or other activities of daily living provided by direct care staff in the home. This service is intended for a participant who does not need highly skilled or technical care and needs assistance with age-appropriate activities of daily living.
We are currently providing services for our folks in the Louisville and Bluegrass area, in and around Frankfort / Lexington. If you are interested in learning more about these services or becoming a staff member to help provide these services, please call our office at 502-451-2565.