Aquired Brain Injury Waiver


Description of the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver program provides intensive services and supports to adults with acquired brain injuries working to re-enter community life. Services are provided exclusively in community settings.


The definition of an Acquired Brain Injury is an injury to the brain which is not hereditary, congenital or degenerative.   An Acquired Brain Injury includes: central nervous system injury from physical traumas, from anoxia or hypoxic episodes, allergic conditions, toxic substances, and other acute medical incidents.

Acquired Brain Injury does not include strokes treatable in nursing facilities providing routine rehabilitation services. It also does not include spinal cord injuries in which there are no known or obvious injuries to the intracranial central nervous system; and it does not include progressive dementia, depression and psychiatric disorders, mental retardation or birth defect related disorders and conditions which cause an individual to pose an unmanageable level of danger to the community.


Services offered under the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

Companion Care

The purpose of this program is to provide training or assistance to an individual who has the desire to reach specific goals. This can include a variety of activities such as shopping, household care, and taking part in community activities, or other daily living skills that the individual needs to become independent. Contractors from Path Forward are trained on the needs of the individual in hopes of assisting achieve their own personal goals while in the community. This exciting role allows the individual served and the staff person to be a bigger part of their community. By participating in community wide events and functions you gain advancements toward becoming an active citizen in the community.


 Respite is a time of rest or relief for those persons normally caring for an individual. This service is only available to an individual living in a family home residence, and is not for those living in a group home or staffed residence.

Supported Employment

This is an intensive, ongoing community support for recipients to obtain, sustain, and maintain paid employment in an environment in which an individual without a disability is employed.

Our funding for this program is obtained through a contract with Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and we currently serve Louisville, Bowling Green, Lexington and surrounding counties with others to come in the near future.

Contract opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about this service or contracting with Path Forward of Kentucky to help provide these services, please call our office at 502-451-2565. Download and complete the application and drop off at one of our offices along with a resume of your past work history.