by pathforward November 23, 2018
12:39 PM

Path Forward’s Pre-ets program is headed up by Alex and Amy Scholtz. Alex and Amy has an extensive background in the employment and disability community.  Pre-Ets helps to prepare students for transition after graduation to move successfully from High School to post-school activities such as training, employment, and independent living. We are currently at Summit Academy and preparing to start at Academy for Individual Excellence. We are contracted with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist teaching Life Skills and Career Readiness for high school aged students in order to help better prepare them once they graduate. PFK has developed a curriculum we feel meets the guidelines set forth both by Vocational Rehab for setting realistic career and independent living goals. Some of the topics we will be learning about this school year are highlighted below in no particular order:

·         Setting realistic goals

·         18 career clusters

·         Problem solving and decision making skills

·         Post -Secondary education

·         Communication in the workplace and other relationships, different ways to communicate

·         How to plan a career

·         Making great impressions

·         Asking for accommodations

·         Do’s and Don’ts when starting a job

·         Teamwork

·         How to keep a job

·         Self Advocacy, Self Determination, Self Respect

·         Budgeting/Money Management

·         Workplace readiness (i.e. interviewing skills, writing a resume)

·         Explanation of job terms

·         Independent Living skills (living in apt, renting a house, buying a house)

·         Discussion of costs of living

·         Skills required to live on your own (housework, cooking, kitchen safety,etc)

·         Responsibilities and Rules both in the community and workplace

PFK’s curriculum was developed using a variety of resources we felt touched on all the topics mentioned above. Through research of the topics necessary to be taught and our own professional experience, we have put together weekly teachings that include an interactive lecture piece as well as a hands on activity to relate to the topic for that day.

There are many resources on Pre-ets on the Kentucky OVR website with information about how to qualify and additional resources for parents of transitioning young adults. If you have any questions about our program please contact our office at 502-451-2565



Halloween Party and Chili Cookoff

by pathforward November 2, 2018
11:30 AM

We had our annual Chili Cook-off and Halloween Party at the office on October 31st. It was a great event! There were seven chili’s entered into this year’s chili cook-off! Jamie Harris was the overall winner of the day! Her secret, I make it with ground turkey and not ground beef. Also the slower and longer it cooks, the better it tastes!


We had a fun day of dressing up and celebrating with family and friends! Thank you to all who came out to participate in the event despite the weather!