Employee Spotlight: Teresa Lonkard and Breanna Burton Case Managers

by pathforward May 22, 2019
09:00 AM
In this edition of our employee spotlight, we would like to introduce our two case managers: Teresa Lonkard and Breanna Burton. Teresa and Breanna focus on advocacy for each individual they work with and ensure teamwork and continuity of quality of care for everyone on their caseloads. Their passion... [More]

Saul the Service Dog

by pathforward May 1, 2019
10:59 AM
Thatcher is eleven years old and has Autism, which comes with a host of issues from sensory processing disorder to non-verbalism. For Thatcher’s family, this can lead to very dangerous situations where Thatcher doesn’t know how to cope with the world around him, and therefore, runs in wh... [More]