The Student Becomes the Teacher!

by pathforward June 22, 2021
08:46 AM
By Tammy Ritchie and Cheryl Steenerson   Our friend Eric discovered his love of art several years ago and he has progressed his talent so much that he now teaches others!   Eric is a shy young man with a very caring heart. He started learning about art from his DSP, who was a former te... [More]

Supported Employment Works!

by pathforward June 18, 2021
12:00 PM
  By: Pamela R. McDaniel Work gives individuals a sense of purpose and self-worth. For many, it defines who we are, and how we fit into society.  Work helps improve individual and family finances, and it helps us connect socially. All individuals, regardless of disability, deserve the op... [More]

3rd Thursday Social Club is Back!

by pathforward June 15, 2021
11:37 AM
By Cheryl Steenerson, PFK Bluegrass Region Coordinator As 2019 rolled in, I began to realize just how few opportunities existed for our adult consumers to socialize and make new friends, after they left school. That’s when the 3rd Thursday Social Club was born. Though PFK started it, we only... [More]