by pathforward February 7, 2024
11:19 AM

Robin lives in Carlisle, KY with her husband and their daughter. Their other three children are grown. Robin works part-time in a school\residence for adults with intellectual disabilities and believes she has found her life calling. Nothing would make her happier than to devote herself to an individual full-time in her home. She has a baby granddaughter and an active family, so someone who likes to be out some and interact with others would be a good match for Robins' family lifestyle. (However, their favorite thing is cozy days inside so there would be plenty of that too.)

Robin has a large guest room downstairs close to the bathroom and kitchen. 



by pathforward April 11, 2022
15:54 PM

Lena is a light hearted woman with 20 years DSP experience and 5 years’ experience as a FHP with Path Forward of KY in Frankfort, KY. She currently has one consumer, and 1 daughter living in the home she shares with her partner, Matt and their 2 dogs. She enjoys movies, shopping and playing in the outdoors.


by pathforward March 22, 2022
11:42 AM

Justin lives in the Hillview area, close to grocery stores, restaurants and shopping. He is actively looking for a male participant to live in his home, non-smoker preferred. Justin has an 8-year-old scnoodle (a schnauzer/poodle mix) named Mickie that weighs around 20 pounds. Justin enjoys being outside, going to the park, walking, hiking and playing with his dog or hanging out with friends. He does work outside the home currently, but if paired with someone who needs him to be home during the day, he is willing to stay home. The available bedroom is on the first floor.

Kathryn "Kat"

by pathforward March 17, 2022
13:19 PM

Kat is an available family home provider in the Louisville area. She lives at home with her twin sons, ages 15, and her daughter, age 17. She also has a Shih Tzu named Petey. No one else lives at her home at this time but she does provide respite regularly to a female participant. Kat is self-employed and has a flexible schedule, working from home or on-site as needed. She has two available bedrooms-one on the main floor of the home and one located in the basement. She and her family enjoy watching football, spending time outside when the weather is warm, cooking hot meals, and they enjoy relaxing at home on the weekends. Kat describes herself as having a heart for this field. She has an understanding and empathy for others, as she has a son of her own on the Autism Spectrum. She is looking forward to adding a participant to her family and household.  


by pathforward March 17, 2022
13:18 PM

Shauntae is an experienced caregiver in the Elizabethtown area. She is the only one in her home and she is looking to become a family home provider to a male participant. She has no pets. Her apartment is located on the second floor. She works full time, outside of the home, as a direct support professional. After work, she enjoys going to the gym and likes spending time relaxing at home. On weekends she enjoys being active in her community. She likes spending time at the lake and enjoys hiking in nature. She describes herself as flexible and is looking for a participant that likes going out or wants to spend time at home.


by pathforward March 16, 2022
14:50 PM

Chris lives in the Louisville area with his 16 year old daughter, a dog, a cat, and 12 chickens! Chris works part time outside of the home, so he is actively looking for a male or female participant that works, attends an ADT, or has at least 4 hours of alone time each day. Chris and his family enjoy the outdoors and going camping in their camper.  Chris has previously been an FHP but does not currently have any other SCL participants in the home. The available bedroom is located on the first floor.


by pathforward March 16, 2022
14:43 PM

Erica lives in the Louisville area and is looking for a male or female participant that would be a good fit for her family. She has several years of experience working with people with intellectual & developmental disabilities and has an easy-going, positive personality. Also residing in the home are Erica’s 14 year old son, her yorkie and a male SCL participant. Erica is not working outside the home.  The available bedroom is located on the first floor.


by pathforward March 16, 2022
09:58 AM

Ollie is an experienced male caregiver who likes to be on-the-go. He is located in the Louisville area and is looking for a male participant to join his household. He currently lives with another male participant and has no pets. He loves spending time with his 15- and 18-year-old children every other weekend. Ollie lives in a townhouse and has an available bedroom upstairs. He works full time at JCPS, outside of the home. He enjoys coaching golf to middle schoolers and you can find him on the golf course when the weather in nice. He is okay with a participant who smokes, as long as they are willing to smoke outside.

Family Home Providers

by pathforward March 9, 2022
16:05 PM

We will be posting more information in this section soon about our Family Home Provider openings.