Office Team Building Event

by pathforward October 19, 2018
12:00 PM

Path Forward employees participated in a teambuilding day on Oct 12th at Pinot Palette in St. Mathews. We painted a painting inspired by Bob Ross called “Paint it like Ross”. You may ask what painting has to do with providing life support services. In a world where we’re more virtually connected than ever, it seems that our teams are more disconnected that ever. Path Forward has employees throughout the Louisville, Bluegrass, and Bowling Green areas. Path Forward makes it a priority to take time to invest in relationships and team building. Positive, high-performing teams are built through communication, shared experiences, positive interactions, and challenges.  At Path Forward we try to create a positive work environment that exhibits our core values in our day to day work which is called the PFK Way: compassion, education, honesty, integrity, respect, commitment and rock solid teamwork!