Supported Employment

Supported Employment refers to service provisions wherein individuals with disabilities are assisted with obtaining and maintaining employment through person centered approaches. Supported Employment is designed to promote personalized employment opportunities for people with disabilities when they need support to discover personal interest and contributions, find and negotiate a job that fits things people like to do and well, become established as valued employees as well as pursue job advancements in a satisfying career.

Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

This service is designed for individuals who do not need intense preparation to help them enter the workforce. These individuals have prior work history and are considered to be “job ready" but need assistance with direct job search. This service has three components; career skills review, job search assistance and job retention.

Person Centered Employment Plan

This is a process of learning about a job seeker so that information may be translated into job tasks, setting, and preferences and supports needs which will become basis for creating a targeted job development list. This is time spent directly with the job seeker to discover interest, skills and preferences. This process builds trust with the job seeker forming a professional, respectful relationship so that his/her best interest, competences and concerns may be learned, addressed and supported.

Job Placement

This process starts with skills, interest and preferences and supports needs of the job seeker and then translates those into potential job tasks. The Employment Specialist will assist the consumer with resume writing, interview prep skills, completing and submission of applications as well as researching information about businesses before meeting with them so that the job seeker is informed of basic information about the company and work needs.

On the job supports

This service provides individualized job coaching service resulting in development of job skills and competencies to meet consumer and employers work standards. Services may include orientation to the job site, building natural supports between consumer, co-workers’ and management staff as well as individualized on-site job training which increases the independence of the consumer.

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ets)

This service helps prepare students for transition after graduation to move successfully from High School to post-school activities such as training, employment, and independent living. Our Pre-ets program focuses on job exploration counseling, post-secondary counseling, work place readiness training, self-advocacy instruction, and work based learning experiences. The Pre-ets program is both group based learning and individual sessions.

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