Supports for Community Living Waiver

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance is a one on one service provided by a Direct Support Professional that enables a participant to accomplish tasks to increase independence and promote integration into the community. Personal assistance offers support and assistance with routine household tasks & maintenance, activities of daily living, personal hygiene, shopping, money management, medication management, socialization, relationship building, leisure choices, & participation in community activities. Personal assistance services are based on individual needs using a person centered approach. Services occur based on the desired schedule of the individual.

Community Access

Community access is a service designed to support an individual to participate in meaningful routines, events, and activities through various community organizations. Community Access is designed to empower a participant in developing natural supports within groups and organizations and the community access specialist fading out after the participant is well established within a group with support. The service stresses training that empowers a participant in acquiring, practicing, utilizing, and improving skills related to connecting with others, independent functioning, self-advocacy, socialization, community participation, personal responsibility, financial responsibility, and other skills related to optimal well-being as defined in the participant’s person-centered service plan.

Conflict Free Case Management

Case Management is a person-centered service to help individuals with disabilities navigate SCL waiver services and be active members in their community. Case managers assist individuals to connect with providers, services and resources to assist in with achieving goals. Case Managers act as an advocate for the individual and ensures the ongoing satisfaction of services and quality of supports.


Respite is available for a person who does not receive residential services and resides in their own home or their family’s home. This service is a short term support that is needed due to the absence or need for relief of an individual providing care to a participant.

Family Home Provider/Adult Foster Care

Residential level II support options include a family home provider or adult foster care provider. Residential Supports provide 24 hour supervision, and training in activities such as laundry, routine household care, self-care, shopping, money management, socialization, and leisure activities in the provider’s home. No more than three individuals receiving waiver services can live in any residential setting.

Behavior Supports

Behavior supports is a service offered to individuals on the SCL waiver. Professionally trained behavior specialists use positive approaches and ABA therapy techniques to help decrease challenging behaviors and increase coping skills and social skills. Behavior supports are provided in the home, community or a variety of settings based on the need of the individual.

Services we provide:

  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan
  • Training for caregivers and staff
  • Monitoring sessions

Supported Employment

Supported Employment shall be offered for ongoing support on the job for a participant on the SCL Waiver if funding is no longer available through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. This is designed to assist in creating personalized employment opportunities for a person when the person needs support in finding, negotiating and maintaining employment in an integrated setting with competitive wages.

We are currently providing SCL Waiver services in the Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bowling Green and Bluegrass areas. If you are interested in learning more about these services or contracting with Path Forward of Kentucky to help provide these services, please call our Louisville office at 502-451-2565

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