It’s a whole new world, and we’re getting through it!

by pathforward May 1, 2020
14:20 PM

Working virtually really is a whole new world for many, especially for our consumers. Just like in many households these days, the whole family is logging on to the internet, whether it be for work, school or fun. Cell phones, tablets and computers are all getting worked overtime. Internet providers are doing their best to keep up and many folks have learned what a data cap means, the hard way. Still, as a provider of numerous Waiver services, PFK folks have always persevered all challenges to maintain quality of life services for those in our care.

 Our consumers mean the world to us and helping them cope with so many changes to daily lives is no small feat. Many thrive on a daily routine. Change is not easily accepted, let alone understood. Some are non-communicative, some are deaf and some are visually impaired. Whether it’s an intellectual or developmental disability, the privilege of teaching these consumers is in our hands.

 Our talented Direct Support Providers (DSPs) have really stepped up their game, in order to help our consumers. Not only are they making sure the consumer remains safe and healthy at home, they are adapting their teaching styles so that learning can still take place. Methods of communication that allows for face to face viewing helps tremendously.

 Sometimes just seeing their DSP on screen helps reduce anxiety. Some DSPs have even stood outside home windows looking in, while they chatted on the phone to the consumer. DSPs have loaned web cameras to consumers so they can see teachers, therapists and case managers. Some have made home cooked meals and delivered to their families needing help.

Those things aren’t listed in any Plan of Care or job description. Neither is delivering hand sanitizer, masks and toilet paper. Those within our Adult Foster Care program (FHPs) even got Easter Baskets delivered!

Our DSPs take the business of changing lives to heart and their compassion is only outweighed by their creativity. We’ve got consumers making beautiful Origami art and mobiles. Some are learning to cook and bake or dance, and even more are discovering board games and puzzles, all of it virtually!


Drive along scavenger hunts have been popular, along with sidewalk messages and learning to identify bird songs, to say nothing of the virtual tours of zoos, aquariums and museums.  Art has always played a big role in our service and helps to teach a wide range of skills, along with creating something beautiful.

Making life a little more beautiful, now that’s a positive difference! During this Covid 19 time, our DSPs will continue to progress those goals, no matter the challenges before them and we only have one word for that, GRATEFUL!

Path Forward of Kentucky = Rock Solid Teamwork!